Robusta coffee grade 1 stable wholesale price



  • Ingredients: 100% premium Robusta coffee grade 1 washed, honey process, natural processing
  • Size: coffee beans size 18 meet export standards.
  • Pure coffee beans are roasted with espresso, roasted with filter, with French butter to ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • Pack by silver bag, zipper bag, valve bag. Grind into coffee powder and pack as required.
  • Always fresh roasted pure coffee beans, no caramel, no thickeners, no foaming.
  • – To sell pure coffee only at wholesale prices, competitive in the market for a long time, ready to exchange for all customers.
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Dear Friend! Are you looking for a high-quality Robusta coffee, with all levels of roasting for you to choose. Always freshly roasted coffee beans, helping you choose your coffee taste at an affordable price with professional, dedicated business service, fast delivery? Please take a few minutes to refer to the traditional Coffee Robusta gu product at our company!

Where is Robusta coffee grown?

  • Robusta coffee is a woody plant, very suitable for the climate and soil in the Central Highlands of Vietnam – especially the basalt lands of Gia Lai, Daklak, and the highlands of Vietnam.
  • Robusta coffee beans are round and are usually two seeds in one fruit. Using a processing process by a modern high-tech coffee roaster system, Robusta coffee beans have a mild aroma, bitter taste, and brown color, not sour.
  • The caffeine content in Robusta Coffee is just enough to create a unique coffee suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

Robusta coffee grade 1 stable wholesale price

High-quality coffee beans, roasted with imported hot-air technology.

Unlike wood-fired coffee roasting systems, coffee beans after roasting can be smoky, burnt, and uneven in color… Coffee roaster The hot-air roasting technology we’re using eliminates those elements.

  • Hot-air coffee roaster system will remove all residues and foreign objects before roasting. In particular, coffee beans are not exposed to flame during the roasting process.
  • It also does not produce CO, or CO2 that affects the health of users.
  • Robusta coffee beans have high caffeine content and strong bitterness. Therefore, Robusta is the perfect choice for those who love Vietnamese’s traditional filter coffee.

You can use Cafe Robusta alone or mix and choose the color and flavor of pure Robusta coffee beans with Arabica Coffee to create your taste.  Creating your taste gives you many advantages in retaining loyal customers. And at the same time attracting more new customers. What’s better than when your coffee business grows more than expected.


Premium grade 1 Robusta coffee washed, honey process, natural processing.

The wholesale price of 12 months robusta and arabica coffee is unchanged.

Products are produced, roasted, and ground directly at the factory and supplied directly to consumers. You will rest assured to use without worrying about the price problem and still buy high-quality coffee beans.

  • The wholesale price list is listed on the website and has constantly been unchanged for 12 months. If there is a change, the sales department will notify you 30 days in advance.
  • The product was packed in granules. The pure robusta coffee powder we deliver is only ground from 100% of the beans if that’s your request.
  • The recommended shelf life is up to 90 days to ensure the quality and freshness of the product.

Pack one for one exchange, fast delivery.

  • What if you open your shop tomorrow, But you can’t find the coffee you like?
  • What if your old supplier is not transparent about the quality of the products or suddenly changes prices, services, and even daily quotes for you?

Esovina Coffee’s answer to You is:

  1. Our delivery team will deliver same day if you are in Saigon, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong area. One day in the southwestern provinces and 3-5 days in the northern provinces.
  2. Fast and flexible payment creates initiative for customers.

You can text, call Zalo, or Facebook customer service at the phone number is 0765669678. If customer service is busy or has not received information from you, please leave information for staff support to call you back!

Best regards from Escovina Co., Ltd!

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