E_Robusta coffee



  • Can be used to brew coffee and coffee brewing machine are delicious.
  • Best shelf life: 3 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Preservation: cool place, dry place, avoid sunlight.
  • Delivery on the same day in Ho Chi Minh.  Fast delivery nationwide.
  • Enter the ESM01 code to get a discount immediately after ordering “ONLY 122,000 vnđ/kg” in the “Additional information” section when making a payment
Danh mục .


  • Robusta is very suitable for people who like to drink traditional black coffee in the morning.
  • Especially, Robusta makes milk coffee very delicious.
  • Should be mixed with Arabica coffee or Culi coffee will increase the flavor of coffee.


  • Coffee beans are roasted by PROBAT machine imported from Germany with roasting technology “HOTAIR”.
  • When roasted by Hotair technology, coffee beans are fully cooked by heat, pressure without direct contact with the flame.
  • Contact details: Phone/zalo order: 0765 669 678.
  • Discount code when ordering:  ESER01

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