Machine coffee, how to make 1 strong shot of machine coffee

Machine coffee or espresso coffee is increasingly popular, especially among young people. Today, when the pace of life is getting more and more hectic, it blows everything away like the wind. The appearance of the machine-brewed espresso is like a cool breeze that eases the hardships and stresses that make us feel uncomfortable. Please take a few minutes to understand this unique drink!

What is machine coffee, And how is it different from filter coffee?

Definition of machine coffee

Also known in Italian as Espresso Cafe, It’s first appeared in the Italian boot-shaped country. Gradually popularized in Europe and then crossed the ocean all over the world. Today, machine-made coffee is becoming an international drink. Wherever you are, you can buy delicious coffee machines quickly and conveniently.

If in the past, Machine coffee was usually only used to serve busy customers who did not have much time to sit at a cafe. Nowadays, the coffee machine is gradually being used by diners when entering a coffee shop to relax or discuss work.

Make machine coffee is not difficult

Machine coffee is a method of preparing coffee by using machines to make coffee cups for users to enjoy such as mini coffee machines and large capacity specialized machines.

The machine coffee cup is made up of 2 layers: Crema and Liquid. Crema is the red-brown floating foam on the top generated by water and the emulsification layer in pure roasted coffee beans.

This foam has a very bitter taste, so each person has a different way of enjoying it. Some people drink each layer separately, But someone stirs it up and then drinks it. The liquid is the ingredient that creates the characteristic flavor of the coffee.

Machine roasted coffee is different from traditional filter coffee?

The most basic difference between machine-made coffee compared to filter coffee is the process of automation and limited manual intervention by humans. Machine coffee is usually only used in whole bean form, while filter coffee can use coffee beans or pre-ground coffee powder according to the user’s needs.

The coffee filter is made by hand, so the amount of coffee powder, the amount of water, the temperature and the incubation time, and the preparation time are not synchronized, causing the quality of the coffee to be different. In contrast, in machine coffee, all the preparation stages are almost pre-programmed. The quality of the cup of coffee produced is almost a 9 to 10.

If filter coffee takes a long time to brew and prepare, Espresso only needs 30 to 50 seconds for a perfect shot of coffee with a slightly bitter taste, a sweet aftertaste on the tip of the tongue after drinking. It is almost the original taste of pure coffee. However, the coffee filter is stronger, And the aftertaste is deeper due to the extraction of more caffeine than machined coffee.

What kind of coffee machine is good?

You can use different types of beans such as Robusta, Culi, and Arabica coffee or mix different types of roasted coffee beans together in certain proportions to create their own uniqueness when enjoying. In addition to pure espresso, you can also make yourself a latte with full-fat milk, a cappuccino, or a low-fat Macchiato. Even combining coffee with a few chocolates to make Mo-cha has a sweet taste that is easy to drink but still ensures the amount of caffeine to help you stay awake and focus on your work every day.

How to make strong machine coffee?

  • Step 1: Start the machine about 20 to 30 minutes before brewing to heat the water in the pot more. Until the water temperature reaches 85 – 92 degrees Celsius and the pressure is from 8.3 to 9.3 bar, the water is standard. At this point, you can proceed to make coffee.
  • Step 2: use 07 grams – 09 grams of roasted coffee powder. Put the prepared coffee powder into the handle, flick, and tap lightly to spread the coffee evenly on the plane. Finally, use the tamper to compress the coffee so that the wrist, elbow, and temper are in line.
  • Step 3: Drain the water, insert the handle into the machine and press the brew button.
  • Step 4: Turn off the machine after the coffee runs out and you have a delicious cup of coffee.
  • Step 5: Add sugar, milk, and drink or change to make delicious machine coffee as we introduced above!
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