Coffee, the most basic knowledge for beginners

(Escovina cafe) introduce coffee trees to readers. This plant appeared for the first time in present-day Ethiopia. This drink that thousands of people love. Its name comes from the French word “Cafe'”. Is a sophisticatedly processed beverage, Roasted seeds are ground, brewed, and watered to make drinks that appeal to all genders, all different ethnic groups, and nowadays, they are present all over the globe.

Types of coffee

Coffee trees are grown in more than 70 countries and regions and territories, especially countries located in the tropics, on the highlands with an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. There’re two most popular coffees with economic value are Arabica and Robusta.

  • Robusta seeds: round spherical, natural bitter taste, fragrant, after roasting, pure coffee powder is brown, not sour.
  • Arabica seeds: Taste, mild bitterness, more attractive than robusta, suitable for those who love Western cafe-like CAPPUCCINO, LITTLE, ESPRESSO…
  • Culi seeds: It is more bitter than the regular Robusta or Arabica. It’s also found in Robusta, Cherry, or Arabica.
Robusta coffee trees!

Overview of coffee trees

  • The trunk can be up to 6 –10m tall. On the farms, trees are prune, only 2-4 tall for convenient care and harvest.
  • Dark green leaves, oval. When old it turning yellow.
  • They have a pile of roots, plugged deep into the ground up to 2.5m, and have many auxiliary roots around them that absorb nutrients to feed the plant.
  • The flower of it has five white petals, blooming in clusters with a strong aroma like jasmine.
  • Plants self-pollinate by the action of wind and insects. Fruit will develop in a period of 7- 9 months after pollination. When ripe, the fruit will change from green to yellow, finally magenta or red.
  • Coffee fruit is usually composed of 2 seeds in one fruit. The beans are cover with a layer of pulp. Two symmetrical particles close to each other are tangent to the plane, and the outward-facing surface has an arc.

Season and harvest

A crop usually lasts nearly one year, and output depends on quite a lot on weather factors. Right from the moment of the plant begins to flower, to pollinate. The damaging cold spells or droughts will greatly affect the coffee prices and export markets that year, pushing the market into unpredictable situations. The damaging cold spells or droughts will directly affect green bean prices and export markets that year, pushing the market into unforeseen circumstances.

Arabica coffee trees.

Vietnamese coffee history

  • The coffee tree was first grown in Vietnam in 1875. Arabica varieties were brought from Bourton to the North by the French to grow in the North and then spread to Central provinces such as Quang Tri, Bo Trach. After harvesting and processing under the brand Arabica du Tonkin, It was imported back to France.
  • In 1908, the French introduced two new varieties, Robusta coffee, and Mitcharichia Cherry, to sow in our country after the failure of nomadic farming.
  • In 2000, Vietnam’s coffee area increased 23 times, and output increased by 83 times. The output level and acreage far exceed all previous plans as well as speculation by domestic and international experts.
  • Up to now, national coffee output accounts for 8% of agricultural, 25% of export value, and is the largest Robusta exporter in the world. Provide stable jobs and high income for millions of people.
Arabica Whole bean coffee.

Effects of whole bean cafe

  • Cafe’ is a beverage that brings many health benefits to users. However, they work positively or negatively, not by themselves but depending on human factors.
  • In addition to strengthening the brain, immune system, reducing stress, depression & weight loss, It also has an unexpected positive effect to help fight a series of diseases for you.
  • The results obtained from the research of many scientists around the world can conclude the reason that coffee beans can help consumers reduce the risk of a variety of diseases. Typically: diabetes, cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, cirrhosis, obesity, antioxidant, and effective cancer prevention.
  • Because the amount of caffeine in coffee may lie in its effect on the intestinal microbiota, Which is still considered the vice commander of the human body. The stability of this biological system is greatly related to the health of all organs in the human body.

The use of whole bean coffee for the human body is undeniable. So, please drink coffee properly!

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