Quality 1st grade pure iced black coffee at wholesale price



  1. Pure iced black coffee washed process. Standard export S18 seeds, 98% ripe, high-quality.
  2. Use modern Air Roasting technology coffee roaster.
  3. Suitable for People who want to lose weight.
  4. Can be used to make a coffee filter and coffee machine both delicious.
  5. The best shelf life is three months from the date of manufacture, stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  6. Same-day delivery in Ho Chi Minh, Thu Dau Mot. Nationwide fast delivery.
  7. Factory wholesale prices of extremely shocking roasted coffee directly when calling hotline: 0765669678 (Zalo).
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Dear Friends! Are you looking for Pure coffee with milk or pure iced black coffee bean is used to make high-end filters and machines, with all levels of roasting for you to choose from? Always freshly roasted beans, helping you choose your own delicious pure coffee beans at affordable prices, Professional, dedicated business service, and fast delivery? Please take a few minutes to check out our products of Black Coffee, Ice Milk Coffee from Escovina Coffee!

Pure iced black coffee , The perfect choice for Vietnamese’s traditional coffee

  • The product line of pure iced milk coffee has a rich taste, and original aroma but is still 100% pure.

  • The ingredients of pure iced black coffee are high-quality Robusta, and Cau Dat Arabica.

  • The seeds are roasted and ground at a temperature just enough to make a filter or a machine.
  • The aftertaste is rich, lightly sour, and elegant, the amber-brown color just enough to make a delicious and beautiful cup of coffee.

Make pure iced black coffee is not diffecult

What kind of coffee is good?

You can use different types of beans such as Robusta, Culi, and Arabica coffee or mix different types of roasted coffee beans together in certain proportions to create their own uniqueness when enjoying. In addition to pure coffee, you can also make yourself a latte with full-fat milk, a cappuccino, or a low-fat Macchiato. Even combining coffee with a few chocolates to make Mo-cha has a sweet taste that is easy to drink but still ensures the amount of caffeine to help you stay awake and focus on your work every day.

Pure coffee with iced milk roasted with imported hot air technology.

Unlike wood-fired coffee roasting systems, coffee beans after roasting can be smoky, burnt, and uneven in color… Coffee roaster The hot-air roasting technology we’re using eliminates those elements.

  • Hot-air coffee roaster system will remove all residues and foreign objects before roasting. In particular, coffee beans are not exposed to flame during the roasting process.
  • It also does not produce CO, or CO2 that affects the health of users.
  • Pure coffee with iced milk have high caffeine content and strong bitterness. Therefore, Pure coffee is the perfect choice for those who love Vietnamese’s traditional filter coffee.

Pure iced black coffee, The perfect choice for Vietnamese’s traditional coffee

Helping you find pure coffee with a different taste

  • Creating your taste gives you many advantages in retaining loyal customers, and at the same time attracting more new customers. What’s better than when your coffee business grows more than expected.
  • This is completely grounded when you have the right to mix and choose the color and flavor of Arabica and Robusta coffee to create your own identity.

Selling in bulk, wholesale price 1 for 1, fast delivery 24/7.

  • What if you open your shop tomorrow but you haven’t found a satisfactory coffee supplier?
  • What if your old supplier is not transparent about products or suddenly changes prices or services. Even a daily quote…?

Do not hesitate to take a few minutes to contact the sales department of Escovina Coffee. We will deliver fast within the day if you are in the area of ​​Saigon, Thu Dau Mot City, Bien Hoa City. 1 day in the southwestern provinces and 3-5 days in the northern provinces. Fast and flexible payment creates initiative for customers.

Professional & dedicated business service.

You can text, call Zalo, or Facebook customer support at the phone number: 0765669678. If the customer service department is busy or has not received information from you. Please leave information, support staff will call back as quickly as possible!

Best regards from Escovina Co., Ltd!

Additional information

Weight 01 kg
Rang light

Màu nâu nhạt, vị nhẹ phù hợp sử dụng để làm thuốc thải độc hoặc người mắc chứng cao huyết áp, có vấn đề về tim mạch…

Rang Medium

Màu sắc hạt cà phê sau khi rang có màu và vị đậm vừa phải, phù hợp để pha máy hoặc những ai yêu thích gu Tây.

Rang Full City

Vị đậm đà chuẩn gu truyền thống Việt, được đại đa số người tiêu dùng ưa chuộng.

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