Set up a coffee shop with a photography style

Are you passionate about business and want to open a cafe for those who love photography? Please refer to this coffee model below.

? Outside the #cafe‘, you can decorate small yellow lanterns.
? Planting green vines to create a fresh space for the coffee shop.
? Design parking place on the sidewalk.
? Inside, you should use luxurious furniture, sophisticated design and airy space.
? The highlight is the photo gallery, showcasing the works of famous photographers in Vietnam.


? Drinks are #milk_coffee#espresso machine brewed or filtered from whole bean coffee, with a crunchy golden brown crema.
? Other drinks such as fruit tea, ice blended matcha, citronella peach tea, green sea soda, strawberry yogurt, chia seed lemongrass, coconut coffee, coconut smoothie, fresh coconut…
?Price for drinks from VND 25,000 to VND 35,000.

? Zalo / hotline: +84 765669678.
? Fast delivery 24h.
? Provide stable wholesale prices for at least 12 months.

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