How to make delicious coffee?

For a good cup of coffee, you must first choose a medium and 100% clean roasted coffee bean. In addition to choosing the type of coffee beans, You should combine the harmony between the volume for each cup, coffee filter material, water temperature.

Should use filter Aluminum thick, not easily distorted during use. Because aluminum filter keeps heat better than stainless steel filter or porcelain.


The net weight of coffee on 1glass is often used to make coffee from 20-25g / cup to achieve the coffee’s density. When putting coffee in the filter, Please compress evenly and create a relative force in the middle of the filter, Don’t let coffee spill when you pour boiling water.

When the water boils to 100°c, You begin to pour water into the coffee filter.  First of all, put the cap back on, Pour a little boiling water into it, put the coffee filter on, then pour enough water to make sure the coffee powder is moist enough. Then incubate for about 5 minutes.

After coffee brewing time, continue pouring a sufficient amount of water into the coffee filter, but do not let the water overflow from the filter, Because it makes the coffee water taste tanned.

Coffee brewing time is very important, because the tempering time is different, the taste of coffee is also different.


Finally, select the stones in the freezer for at least 5 hours, The better the stone clinging to the snow, the better.  because it is so, the stone will last longer, suitable for times You drink coffee while ensuring the intensity of coffee for a long time.


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